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GVM mission statement

Mission Statement:

“GVM is a growing international network that aims to create a sustainable, accessible information platform on volcanic hazard and risk. GVM will provide systematic evidence, data and analysis of volcanic hazards and risk on global and regional scales, and support Volcano Observatories at a local scale. GVM will develop capabilities to anticipate future volcanism and its consequences.”

The GVM project will develop an integrated global database system on volcanic hazards, vulnerability and exposure, make this globally accessible and crucially involve the international volcanological community and users in a partnership to design, develop, analyse and maintain the database system. The GVM project will aim to establish new international metadata standards that will reduce ambiguity in the use of global volcanic datasets. Vulnerability and exposure data will be integrated into the GVM and again new methods of assessment and analysis will be investigated and tested.

The project also intends to establish methodologies for analysis of the evidence and data to inform risk assessment, to develop complementary volcanic hazards models, and create relevant hazards and risk assessment tools.

The research will provide the scientific basis for mitigation strategies, responses to ash in the atmosphere for the aviation industry, land-use planning, evacuation plans and management of volcanic emergencies.


GVM/IAVCEI book Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk now available

FinalBookCoverThe GVM/IAVCEI contribution to the UNISDR’s Global Assessment Report for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 (GAR15) has been developed and published as an open-access eBook, which is now available.
Over 130 individuals from about 90 institutions in nearly 50 countries worldwide have contributed to this work, representing a remarkable collaborative effort of the volcanological community. This book is the first comprehensive assessment of global volcanic hazards and risk, presenting the state of the art in our understanding of global volcanic activity. It examines our assessment and management capabilities, and considers the preparedness of the global scientific community and government agencies to manage volcanic hazards and risk. Particular attention is paid to volcanic ash, the most frequent and wide-ranging volcanic hazard. Of interest to government officials, the private sector, students and researchers, this book is a key resource for the disaster risk reduction community and for those interested in volcanology and natural hazards. A non-technical summary report is included for policy makers and general interest readers.

Download the eBook or individual chapters for free, buy the hardcopy from Cambridge University Press or download from our publications page.

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