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GVM welcomes any partner that wishes to contribute to its mission. GVM is based on a partnership of institutions, organisations, projects and collaborative initiatives. There is no personal membership but this should not prevent individuals becoming involved through a variety of mechanisms. GVM wishes to be inclusive, encourage participation around the world and to be flexible. Thus the mechanism of becoming a partner is not onerous and recognises both a diverse range of potential partners and a diversity of contributions that can be made by partners to GVM.

Benefits of joining GVM are:

  • Access to a dynamic international network in volcanology that already includes many leading institutions and project initiatives.
  • Enables ideas, data and work by partners to influence progress in and visibility of volcanology in the context of an international platform
  • Access to funding that GVM raises: the GVM Management Board will offer funds raised by sponsorship (initially NERC) in calls to partners for proposals.
  • Support for proposals that work towards GVM overall aims: the projects and in-kind funding raised by partners through grants and contracts could then be labelled ‘GVM’ support activities.
  • A say in how GVM develops, noting that all partners have a representative on the Steering Committee with rights to vote for members of the Board.

Criteria to join GVM are essentially a commitment to support and contribute to GVM. Contributions are likely to be diverse and may include the following:

  • Data or research that contributes to the GVM mission and a willingness to share the data and research outcomes
  • Human resources that are able to support the GVM mission and various tasks
  • Work in collaboration with other GVM partners in shared projects and tasks
  • Any benefits-in-kind that support GVM
  • Access to users of GVM information
  • Expertise that supports GVM
  • Funds to use either indirectly for GVM aims or to directly donate; GVM clearly welcomes sponsors


Simply write a letter to the Chair of the Board (Dr Sue Loughlin). This letter should state the reasons for wishing to be a GVM partner and indicate the kind of contributions that the applying institution, organisation and/or project(s) would expect to make to GVM, using some of the above criteria. This letter of application would be considered by the Board and ratified. The applicant would then be invited to name a representative for the Steering Committee and an alternate.

GVM will encourage the development of a Memorandum of Understanding between the partner and GVM. The Board will reserve the right to withdraw membership for partners in the circumstances that the partner is either inactive or no longer interested or involved in activity incompatible with the mission of GVM. Likewise partners can withdraw from GVM at any time. Some partners may be projects or enterprises that have finite lifetime. In these cases membership would cease when the project ends.

Individuals can become involved in GVM in several ways. First they might consider discussing with their host institute whether the institute becomes a partner in GVM. Second, they might encourage a relevant project or initiative in which they are involved to become a partner. Third, IAVCEI is a key partner in GVM and runs many activities and projects, notably Commissions and task forces, which are doing work in collaboration with GVM. Thus individuals can join IAVCEI (membership is now free) and become involved in GVM through relevant IAVCEI activities. Fourth, individuals can subscribe to the GVM newsletter and so keep informed about GVM.

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