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Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk book

Book coverOriginally prepared for the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, this is the first comprehensive assessment of global volcanic hazards and risk, presenting the state of the art in our understanding of global volcanic activity. It examines our assessment and management capabilities, and considers the preparedness of the global scientific community and government agencies to manage volcanic hazards and risk. Particular attention is paid to volcanic ash, the most frequent and wide-ranging volcanic hazard. Of interest to government officials, the private sector, students and researchers, this book is a key resource for the disaster risk reduction community and for those interested in volcanology and natural hazards. A non-technical summary report is included for policy makers and general interest readers. An open access e-book and additional regional volcanic hazard profiles, with invaluable information on volcanic hazards and risk at the local, national and global scale, are available at

Large Magnitude Explosive Volcanic Eruptions

(LaMEVE) database – Version 1 online now

The LaMEVE database, an international collaborative project lead by the University of Bristol, comprises Quaternary eruptions of magnitude 4 and above, and contains data regarding the age, volumes and magnitudes of each eruption, with further data provided for many. LaMEVE is the first stage in VOGRIPA (Volcano Global Risk Identification and Analysis Project), with further databases of volcanic hazards and vulnerability being prepared in a collaborative effort with many institutions. These databases are complementary to the Smithsonian Institution’s GVP database and will be inter-related to permit the identification of locations at high risk and gaps in knowledge, and to allow scientists and disaster managers to analyse risk within a global context of systematic information.

As of 28 February 2013, Version 1 of the LaMEVE database is online at The data in this version will be kept static until Version 2 is released, which we anticipate will be in a year’s time. Please note that if you have downloaded data between the site going live at the end of 2012 and now, these data could be different to Version 1. If you intend to use these data for analysis then please download again to ensure you have Version 1.

Please continue to submit any new data, or notify us of errors for the release of Version 2 next year. The improvement and development of the database is only sustainable through the input of the volcanological community. The LaMEVE team will maintain a record of any changes and additions for incorporation into version 2 and will put notifications on the website if any major errors are identified.

If using the data in any publication, please cite the Crosweller et al. (2012) paper published in the open-access Journal of Applied Volcanology ( and note the version number of the database.

New Steering Group Members

John Schneider and Adele Bear-Crozier of GeoScience Australia have joined the Steering Committee of GVM.

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