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Tungurahua Volcano Erupts

(Photo credit: IGEPN)

TungurahuaEcuadorian volcano, Tungurahua, has erupted dramatically this month with ash plumes as high as six miles into the atmosphere! Known as ‘the throat of fire’, the last major eruption was between 1916 and 1918, although there have been long term minor eruptions since. IGEPN says that minor ashfall was reported in El Manzano (8 km SW) and Cahuaji on 26 March. Seismicity was at moderate levels and then declined during 28 March-1 April. Lahars on 31 March traveled down the Vascún (N) and Mapayacu (SW) drainages, carrying blocks up to 1 m in diameter in the latter drainage.’ The GVP database provides information on the latest activity as well as eruptive history of the volcano.

Large Magnitude Explosive Volcanic Eruptions

(LaMEVE) database – Version 1 online now

The LaMEVE database, an international collaborative project lead by the University of Bristol, comprises Quaternary eruptions of magnitude 4 and above, and contains data regarding the age, volumes and magnitudes of each eruption, with further data provided for many. LaMEVE is the first stage in VOGRIPA (Volcano Global Risk Identification and Analysis Project), with further databases of volcanic hazards and vulnerability being prepared in a collaborative effort with many institutions. These databases are complementary to the Smithsonian Institution’s GVP database and will be inter-related to permit the identification of locations at high risk and gaps in knowledge, and to allow scientists and disaster managers to analyse risk within a global context of systematic information.

As of 28 February 2013, Version 1 of the LaMEVE database is online at The data in this version will be kept static until Version 2 is released, which we anticipate will be in a year’s time. Please note that if you have downloaded data between the site going live at the end of 2012 and now, these data could be different to Version 1. If you intend to use these data for analysis then please download again to ensure you have Version 1.

Please continue to submit any new data, or notify us of errors for the release of Version 2 next year. The improvement and development of the database is only sustainable through the input of the volcanological community. The LaMEVE team will maintain a record of any changes and additions for incorporation into version 2 and will put notifications on the website if any major errors are identified.

If using the data in any publication, please cite the Crosweller et al. (2012) paper published in the open-access Journal of Applied Volcanology ( and note the version number of the database.

New Steering Group Members

John Schneider and Adele Bear-Crozier of GeoScience Australia have joined the Steering Committee of GVM.


Smithsonian / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report

The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report is a cooperative project between the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program and the US Geological Survey’s Volcano Hazards Program.

Plosky Tolbachik volcano, Russia

Date: January 2013

Source: BBC News

Plosky volcano, RussiaThe Plosky Tolbachik volcano, located in the far east of Russia, erupted in January for the first time since 1975, thirty-eight years ago. The volcano is made up of two differing types, a flat-topped and a peaked volcano, the summit is over 4,000 feet at its highest. Watch a dramatic video of the eruption here

Ongoing Activity at Mount Etna, Italy

Date: 1 March 2013

Source: BBC News

Mount Etna, ItalyMount Etna volcano, located in Sicily, Italy has continued erupting since the end of 2012 and is now producing plumes of ash from its crater, now standing at over 9,000 feet. Some of Etna’s eruptions have been observed from space.

Volcanic Activity at Montserrat, West Indies

September 2012

Source: MVO

MVO MapMontserrat Island, located in the East Caribbean, close to Antigua has an active volcano called Soufrière Hills on the East coast. The Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) noted increased seismic activity in July. Read more from the MVO …

Volcanic Activity at Popocatépetl, Mexico

September 2012

Source: Centro Nacional de Prevencion de Desastres (CENAPRED)
Popo eruption

Reports indicate the following activity in the last week of August 2012: bluish steam and gas plumes rising from the crater sometimes rising 1.2km into the air. The Alert Level remains at Yellow, Phase Three.

Volcanic Activity at the Grozny Group, Kuril Islands Western Pacific

August 2012

Source: Sakhalin Volcanic Eruption Response Team (SVERT)

Tokyo Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC)


Grozny Group, Courtesy of Smithsonian InstitutionSVERT and VAAC have reported the first possible eruption since 1989. Observations were based on satellite imagery. Ash plumes were seen rising to an altitude of 4km on 25 August. Read more … (SI)

Volcanic Activity at Tungurahua, Ecuador

August 2012

Source: Instituto Geofísico-Escuela Politécnica Nacional (IG)


TungurahuaDuring late August steam-and-gas plumes rose from the crater, roaring was heard, and ashfall was reported in Choglontús (SW). Explosions at night ejected incandescent tephra that landed on the flanks 500 m below the crater. Explosions on 26 August generated ash-and-gas plumes that rose 2-3 km and drifted NW. Read more …

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Photo credits for volcanos: National Geographic

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