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Past Events


UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

14-18th March 2015

Sendai, Japan

Steve Sparks (University of Bristol) and Sue Loughlin (BGS) represented GVM at the WCDRR in March, where the Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 (GAR15) was launched. GVM/IAVCEI contributed four reports on volcanic hazard and risk for use in GAR15.

For more information see the meeting summary written by Steve Sparks.


Cities on Volcanoes 8: Living in harmony with volcanoes: Bridging the will of nature to society

9th-13th September 2014

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

COV8GVM members attended the COV8 event in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 9-13th September 2014, where hundreds of volcanologists from around the globe gathered to discuss living in harmony with volcanoes.  The cultural practices of those living close to volcanoes were discussed as well as how science and technology can be integrated with local cultures to reduce the risk of disaster. There were field trips, discussions and presentations and demonstrations of emergency response to disaster.

Several GVM related presentations were given at COV8:

  • Assessing ash fall hazard and risk globally, by Susanna Jenkins et al.
  • Delivering the UN global model for volcanic hazard and risk, by Charlotte Vye-Brown et al.
  • Use of indicators and indices to assess global volcanic hazard and risk for the Global Assessment Report 2015, by Sarah Brown et al.
  • WOVOdat as a worldwide resource to better anticipate eruptions, by Christina Widiwijayanti et al.
  • Analysis of the Large Magnitude Explosive Volcanic Eruptions (LaMEVE) database, by Sarah Brown et al.

See COV8 in pictures.

Updates on GVM activities were presented at a WOVOdat workshop prior to COV8. This workshop was held by WOVOdat (the World Organisation of Volcano Observatories’ database of volcanic unrest) led by Christina Widiwijayanti. This workshop was designed to introduce WOVOdat, to provide an overview of the database content and structure and an indication of the progress made in the population of the dataset.

For more information see:




GVM Workshop

6th-7th November 2013

Rome, Italy

The GVM team held a meeting at the Department of Civil Protection Headquarters, Rome, Italy.

The focus of the meeting was the preparation of the GAR15 report for the UN, with the goal of enabling better preparedness in the event of volcanic hazard and risk. Members of the GVM GAR15 taskforce provided updates on work undertaken towards the reports and discussions were held to devise an action plan and direction for the project.

Rome GAR15 meeting

Volcano Observatory Best Practice 2: Communicating Hazards

2nd-6th November 2013

Erice, Sicily

This workshop was organised as an activity of the Global Volcano Model partnership in co-operation with INGV, USGS, IAVCEI and its WOVO commission and USAID/VDAP. The EU/FP7 projects VUELCO and NEMOH as well as the NERC project STREVA also sponsored this meeting.

The focus of this meeting was to define best practices for the communication of hazards by volcano observatories. Representatives from many volcano monitoring and research institutions worldwide were in attendance.

For more information see the meeting flyer on the INGV website.

IAVCEI General Assembly: Forecasting Volcanic Activity

20th-24th July 2013

Kagoshima, Japan

The GVM team attended this international meeting in Kagoshima, Japan, which provided an excellent opportunity to network and showcase the work of GVM at a poster session.  GVM Management and Steering Committee meetings were held in addition to a public meeting providing information about GVM and joining the network.

For more information see:

IAVCEI 2013:

Database in volcanology session:



Cities on Volcanoes 7

19th-23rd November 2012

Colima, Mexico

Many members of GVM attended the Cities on Volcanoes 7 conference in Colima, Mexico in 2012. This meeting brought together scientists, the general public and all involved in volcanic risk evaluation and mitigation.

GVM related presentations included:


There was a meeting about WOVOdat attended by WOVO members and others interested in the project to discuss progress, data management policy and the future funding and plans. The meeting also included discussion about the upcoming Volcano Observatory Best Practice workshop, WOVO’s current task forces and analyses being undertaken.

There were discussions with some IAVCEI commissions and working groups including ‘Tephra Hazard Modelling’, ‘Mitigation of Volcanic Disasters’ and the ‘International Volcanic Ashfall Impacts Working Group’

GVM Steering and Management Committee Meetings

The future development of GVM was discussed during its Management and Steering Committee meetings, including the progress of task forces, the availability of secondments and the task of publicising GVM’s work throughout Africa. New members Geoscience Australia, Seismic Research Centre (UWI), National Autonomous University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)), Iceland Meteorological Office and the University of Iceland all joined the GVM network.

See COV7 in pictures.

For more information see:



11th-12th September 2012

Stuttgart, Germany

This conference served as the final workshop of the MIAVITA project, a 7th Framework Programme project funded by the European Commission. The aims were to present innovative tools and integrated cost-effective methodologies to mitigate risks from various hazards on active volcanoes. The emphasis was on interdisciplinary integration between different domains (e.g. inputs of social approaches in risk mapping methodologies) and also integration between the three phases of risk management (e.g. information systems designed to be used for both risk mapping and crisis management). It was hoped that this conference could facilitate exchanges between specialists of different domains.

The sessions covered hazard and risk mapping methodologies, monitoring methods, vulnerability and resilience of human communities and activities, environmental vulnerability and post-eruptive recovery, information management and decision support, and the management of volcanic crises. There were a total of 43 talks across the 2 days and 15 posters.

Sian Crosweller attended the meeting and presented a summary of the current status of VOGRIPA as well as an introduction to GVM to encourage further participation. There was a great deal of interest from participants who are also constructing databases in relation to volcanic hazards, and it is hoped that these can be developed in synergy with VOGRIPA databases to ensure they are harmonious.

For more information see:


 GVM Scientific Steering Committee Meeting

30th April-1st May 2012

Edinburgh, UK

The first GVM Steering Group & Management Meeting took place on 30 April and 1 May 2012 at the BGS offices in Edinburgh. Delegates came from around the world including Iceland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and USA. The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for networking, information sharing and brain-storming about the future of GVM.

Steering group

Presentations available as pdfs:


GVM Kick-off meeting

24th November 2011

Edinburgh, UK

Volcano Observatory Best Practice Workshop 1

11th-15th September 2011

Erice, Sicicly

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