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Buffalo Uni
Secondments will vary in length, up to two months in duration and will have specific objectives that can be achieved only by joint and close working with the identified partner organisation. Some secondments will be research-focused, for example secondments to Buffalo will focus on lava dome and pyroclastic flow data and modellingGNS New Zealand protocol, secondments to GNS, New Zealand will focus on integration of existing data and risk methodologies; others will focus on end-user engagement and
requirements, for example secondments to Willis Re and Munich Re as well as to volcano
observatories or their representatives.

Our Secondees

Tom Sheldrake (PhD student, Bristol) spent 3 weeks at the Earth Observatory of Singapore (May to June 2012) working on SO2 database within WOVOdat.

Mel Auker (PhD student, Bristol) spent a few weeks working on her fatalities database at the Smithsonian Institution, USA 2012.

Tom Wilson (University of Canterbury New Zealand) and Natalia Deligne (GNS Science, New Zealand) were working on the Devora project at University of Bristol, an end to end, hazard to risk study of Auckland volcanoes.

Universities Associated with GVM

  • University of Auckland (through the DEVORA project)
  • Massey University (our partner through the Natural Hazards Research Platform)
  • University of Canterbury (Tom Wilson, GVM Steering Committee as well as being subcontracted by GNS in both DEVORA and NHRP).

Auckland University, Faculty of Science


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