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Prepare for eruptions

Preparedness improves your resilience and may help lessen the impact. You can prepare by learning more about volcanoes and their hazards, having an emergency kit (this will help in the event of eruptions or other natural hazards), and understanding what to do before, during and after an eruption.

Red Cross advice on volcano preparedness:




Make a plan and prepare a disaster supplies kit

Note that you need much more than in the illustration (left). At minimum you must have sufficient food, water and medication for a few days.


Eruption: what to do before and during an eruption

Volcanic ash- what can I do?: (be sure to check out their tabs aimed at households, businesses and communities)

Be prepared: Volcanic ash fall

Ash impact posters and advice:

Be prepared: Lava flows

Eruption: what to do after an eruption


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