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Mount MerapiGVM is funded from multiple sources. A grant from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) of the UK provides funds for the first three years of GVM through its international network fund. NERC also provides funds through the core funding of British Geological Survey. The VOLDIES project at Bristol University is funded by the European Research Council Bristol University and supports GVM research on volcanic risk. Many of the partners within GVM are funded by internal and external funds in activities that are central to GVM. The Global Volcanism Program is funded by the Smithsonian Institution with support from the US Geological Survey. WOVOdat is supported by funds from Nanyang Technological University within the Earth Observatory of Singapore. Vhub is supported by the National Science Foundation. All partners are committed to providing resources to GVM including benefits in kind and human resources to meet the GVM mission.

GVM requires long-term funding to become sustainable. Organisations and funding agencies interested in the objective of reducing volcanic risk around the world are encouraged to consider sponsorship.


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